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About Commercial Construction Services

Compared to residential construction, commercial construction projects involves a few more steps. There are numerous steps to think about as well as a wide range of technologies and concepts to consider before getting your desired outcome. In this blog post, we share an introduction to commercial construction and what you need to know about these services.

What We'll Go Over

What Are Commercial Construction Services? 

Commercial construction projects are built and overseen by a general contractor company. It involves the building and selling of business structures such as warehouses, offices, industrial buildings, and retail centers. When referring to commercial construction, it always talks about properties in the private sector. 

While commercial construction deals with commercial properties, residential construction focuses on individual housing projects. However, some general contractors can only provide their services to select industries. When you choose a commercial contracting company, ask them which industries they serve. 

Different Levels Of Commercial Construction 

There are various levels of commercial construction projects that contractors can build, where the quote will depend on the scale of the project. Below are the three different levels of commercial construction. 


These are typically smaller and less-costly projects that require minimum personnel from your contractor. Small-scale constructions will include projects such as: 

    • Structure updates 
    • Space redesigns
    • Various building repairs 

If you’re thinking about opening up your office space, adding extensions to the existing structures, or giving your building a facelift, these all fall under small-scale commercial construction. 


After some time, a building will lose its exterior beauty and will start to get old, along with all the materials used in its construction. A medium-scale project is a good option for business owners who are looking to restructure, remodel, or add big expansions to their offices. These kinds of updates will be more time-consuming compared to small-scale projects. 


These are projects that will start from the ground up where there is no existing structure to work with. During large-scale projects, general contractors will work with a developer or architect to create a structure based on your vision and preferences. Such projects will need a lot of time, money, and preparation to ensure their success. 

Common Kinds Of Commercial Construction Projects 

Commercial construction covers a wide range of industries and a vast number of projects. However, some of the most common types of commercial construction projects include these areas: 

Healthcare Construction 

This section includes hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, medical facilities, medical offices, esthetician offices, pharmaceutical factories, sports medicine centers, wellness centers, spas, and other healthcare-related industries. 

Food Service Construction 

Buildings to be used for eateries, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, diners, cafeterias, catering venues, groceries stores, commercial kitchens, food markets, franchise businesses, distribution warehouses, factories, and others belong in this category. 

Office-Use Construction 

Office complexes, office buildings, offices, high-rises, single and multi-tenant offices, corporate campuses, high-rises, public buildings, pavilions, conference centers, auditoriums, and similar properties fall under office construction. 

Fitness And Gym Construction

This area of construction includes fitness centers, gyms, Pilates studios, yoga studios, dance studios, ballet studios, spas, indoor pools, sports complexes, basketball courts, tennis courts, recreational centers, and more. 

Franchise And Retail Construction 

Malls, shopping centers, strip malls, franchise businesses, jewelry stores, apparel stores, outlets, and boutiques are all examples of retail construction. 

Space Planning And Permitting 

These include zoning and permits, site selections and evaluations, community due diligence, preconstruction, land acquisition, feasibility studies, site audits, site entitlements, constructability reviews, structuring and financial analysis, and more. 

Commercial Door Replacement And Repair 

Interior doors, store-front doors, sliding doors, exterior doors, specialty doors, emergency exit doors, door technology, door locks, alarm systems, and more are included in this category. 

Commercial Flooring 

Specialty flooring, standard flooring, space planning, replacement, repair, procurement, and installation are part of this area of construction. 

Commercial Window Replacement And Repair 

This includes storefront windows, exterior windows, interior windows, specialty windows, high-rise windows, alarm systems, locks, and more. 

Commercial Drywall And Painting 

This involves space planning, installation, designing, refinishing, repair, and more. 

The Different Kinds Of Commercial Buildings 

When trying to choose a commercial build, you will need to know about the land you purchased. You will also need to know about the zoning codes that will dictate the kind of structure that can be built there. Once the zoning codes have been taken care of, the building contractor will have a better understanding of what kind of building they can construct for you. 

Here are a few kinds of commercial buildings you can choose from: 

  • Multi-family residences
  • High-rise (skyscrapers)
  • Office buildings (Class A, B, and C)
  • Strip/shopping center
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Community retail center

Hire Pacific Construction Builders Today 

Before starting a commercial construction project, be sure to do your research to ensure a successful build. Pacific Construction Builders is the state’s top commercial construction company. We have years of experience behind our team, providing trusted commercial construction and management services throughout Honolulu and the surrounding areas. 

Our licensed and insured contractors are ready to handle all your remodeling and construction needs. You can be sure to get a smooth process, starting from the design and procurement to budgets, and revisions. If you need more information about commercial construction, you may refer to our Commercial Construction Services page or call (808) 554-4977 to find out more. 

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