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Designing And Architecture Services For Residential And Commercial Construction Projects

Design And Architect Services

Designing your own home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a process that begins with a concept and culminates in a final piece that reflects your vision. However, many small but significant decisions must be made along the way if you are ever going to achieve your goals.

At Pacific Construction Builders, we provide a wide range of design and architect services tailored to meet your needs. For every project, we start with our clients’ ideas, requirements, and objectives in mind. Our architects will work closely with you in every step of the design process to ensure that your vision is realized, from the initial concept to the completed project.

When you’re building a house, it’s a given that you’ll want to achieve the best design possible. Contact us today at (808) 509-4759 to get top-quality services. The house of your dreams is within your grasp when you work with us.

Our Hawaii Home Design Services

Here are some of the Hawaii architect services and design services we offer at Pacific Construction Builders:

Site Analysis

All new projects start with this activity since the construction area is a powerful source of ideas and structural shapes. We take into account local weather patterns, sun angles, geography, and other factors that are unique to your location. An analysis of the local zoning and code requirements is used to overlay any constraints on this site plan, which visually represents the site’s potential challenges and opportunities. For starters, we’ll conduct a thorough survey of your property if one hasn’t been done yet. This is a map of the property, which includes the location of the land’s boundaries, roadways, utilities, and topography.

Conceptual Design

We’ll get a better sense of your preferences, needs, and financial situation during our consultations, all of which inform the design choices we make. When sketching begins, the site plan is used as a guide to get started. Following that, we proceed to design the exterior elevations of your home, which will allow us to express its character and style.

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Design Development

Design development goes underway as soon as a conceptual design has been agreed upon and the scale and expectations for the project have been clarified. To prepare construction documentation, it is necessary to develop a detailed and comprehensive description of every element of the design, such as architectural, mechanical, fire protection systems, electrical, and plumbing. Drawings begin to show more depth, such as exact window and door dimensions, wall thicknesses, construction assembly, and structural elements.

3D Modeling And Rendering

The use of 3D models and renderings can help you visualize how the house will appear and help you appreciate the possible views. These services can cover everything from photo-realistic computer simulations, colored renderings, massing and presentation models, and animation.

Construction Documents

During this stage, all the project’s technical and specific details are defined and will be utilized to determine project costs or bids and construction timelines. Every aspect of the design is selected at this stage, including the flooring, cabinets, construction, and elements of the interior. This is the collection of plans needed by the contractor to complete your project’s construction. Additionally, we employ a surveyor to ensure that our design complies with current building codes. Local governments also demand these construction documents to issue building permits.

Bidding and Negotiation

Our job is to assist with the distribution of bid packages to potential contractors and answer their queries during the bidding process. We will also help with the evaluation and awarding of the winning proposal. For projects that are subject to negotiation with the client, we will assist in the negotiation process and signing of the construction agreement.

Construction Administration

If you choose Pacific Construction Builders to manage your construction project, we oversee the agreement between your contractor and you, which is according to our design and requirements. To ensure that the contractor’s work follows our plans or standards, we monitor construction and provide clarifications on our designs as needed. We can make design changes that may affect the contractor’s work with your agreement. We make sure that your home comes together exactly as we envisioned it to be throughout the construction process.

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As Pacific Construction Builders, we have the expertise and know-how to turn your dreams into reality. Learn more about our Hawaii home design services by calling us at (808) 509-4759 today!

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Richard Eli
Richard Eli
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Pacific Construction Builders is a great company to work with. As investors, we've done several home remodels and renovations with them. I highly recommend PCB to anyone.
Liz Feliciano
Liz Feliciano
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I had Pacific Construction Builders replace our cabinets after they got water damaged from a leaking sink pipe. They did an excellent job and I'll continue to rely on them for any of my home repair needs.
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Sky Kamaka
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Very professional local company and awesome customer service. That's what many companies lack these days - service with Aloha!