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Hawaii Home Repair Services

When things break, we fix it. Our home repair technician’s goal is to serve you with a no-hassle repair service and help save you on unnecessary costs. In other words, serve you with Aloha!

We honor what we state, which is a trusted, professional, convenient, reliable, and quality service. We are your “one-call”, on call service for any and all of your home repair needs. You don’t need to search for three different services for one task. We are those three people in one. Contact us today to inquire. Mahalo!

With Pacific Construction Builders, You Know What To Expect

Your needs change. Our trusted and professional service stays the same or gets better! We’ll arrive with the proper tools needed to do your repair(s). Anything from broken fixtures, household items, to wall patching, cracked tiles, to electrical repairs. If we just so happen are not able to repair something, we’re humble enough to tell you and will refer you to the proper team to help you out.

Here are some of our Hawaii home repair services:

Bathroom Repair

Our handymen and specialized plumbers are here to provide you with any of your bathroom repair needs. From clogs, drain service, to new sink and toilet installs, and insulation, we’ll take care of your bathroom.

Ceiling Fan Repair & A/C Installs

A broken ceiling fan is an annoying problem here in Hawaii. Keep your cool. We’re here to help you. We’ll repair or replace your ceiling fan​. If you want to install an air conditioner, we can do that too.

*More Services & Information Continued Below.*

Request Service

For residents in the North Shore, Kahuku, Pupukea, Maile, Nanakuli, Waianae, & Makaha please areas call us at (808) 868-7572.

Countertop Repair

With our experience in minor carpentry, we are able to provide you with repairs to fixtures like your countertops. Repair your cracked granite counters or install new ones for a brand new look with us. We’ll be honored to take care of that for you.

Deck & Patio Repair

Keep your outdoor ambiance spectacular. Hawaii’s outdoor elements causes wear and tear to your deck and patio area. Don’t feel blue, Pacific Construction Builders can repair them for you.

Door Repair

From door hinge repair, self shutting door repairs, new installs, security door implementation, lock repair or replacements, keep your door working by having our repairmen service it.

Drywall Repair

Have a hole in the wall, cracked, beveled, stripped of painted, etc.? Have it repaired, patched, touched-up or painted. Any type of surface your dry wall may have, we’ll take care of.

Electrical Repair

Anything that is electrical, get it repaired with confidence that it’s done properly. The risk of an improper electrical repair by an untrained person is not worth it, especially for you and your family.

Faucet Repair

End or prevent your water bill from becoming excessive and stop the waste of water. We can all do our part in water conservation and benefit from saving money by fixing those leaky faucets.

Flooring Repair

Cracked tiles, ripped and loose carpets, missing wood flooring, unloved concrete, etc., we’ll fix your unsightly and potentially dangerous flooring problems. So, lay down and relax. Contact us today.

Furniture Repair

Furniture wear down and break. But, sometimes it’s worth it to get them repaired as opposed to buying new especially if it’s a part of a set or is a family heirloom. We repair furniture. Or, if you decide to purchase new furniture, we assemble and install them too!

Garage Door Repair

Garage door not working? Don’t get locked out of your garage. Have us repair it today! Electric garage or manual, we can help. Before you contact us about your powered garage door not opening, make sure you check your garage door remote’s battery first. If it’s not the battery, it’s us that you’ll need.

Grout Repair

Are  your tile’s grout chipping leaving holes for water, food and dust to build up in? Have our handymen patch and repair your tile grout today to bring back your floor to being immaculate.

Gutter Repair

Tropical weather will wear down your home’s gutter. Don’t live with clogged or leaky gutters. It defeats the purpose of your gutter system. Have a trusted Hawaii home repair service your gutters today.

Handrail Repair

Keep your home, family, and guests safe by ensuring your handrails are up to par and properly installed for accessibility. If they’re rusty, loose, bending, cracking, or broken, they need to be repaired. Your handrail repair needs are for us to fulfill.

Kitchen Repair

From the sink, to the oven, to the ventilation system, down to the flooring and drains, Pacific Construction Builders is your one-stop kitchen repair service. Keep doing what you love – cooking for your family. And we’ll do what we love, serving you and fulfilling your kitchen repair needs,

Light Fixture Repair

We service, repair, and install indoor and outdoor light fixtures. Whatever type of lighting fixtures you home has, we can service them professionally. We service new tech and modern lighting products as well.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Richard Eli
Richard Eli
Construction Service Customer
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Pacific Construction Builders is a great company to work with. As investors, we've done several home remodels and renovations with them. I highly recommend PCB to anyone.
Liz Feliciano
Liz Feliciano
Home Repair Customer
Read More
I had Pacific Construction Builders replace our cabinets after they got water damaged from a leaking sink pipe. They did an excellent job and I'll continue to rely on them for any of my home repair needs.
Sky Kamaka
Sky Kamaka
Home Repair Customer
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Very professional local company and awesome customer service. That's what many companies lack these days - service with Aloha!

Patio Repair

Any elements of your home’s patio that you need repaired, we have the experience and expertise to serve you. Whether it be your patio deck, beams, roof, esthetics, common, or unique problems, we can help.

Plumbing Repair

Leaky faucets, sinks, pipes, running toilets, pipe insulation, gas plumbing, contracting, and remodeling, any of your home plumbing needs, our expert team of handymen and plumbers are one step away to come to your service.

Screen Door Repair

Keep the cool air and breeze coming in to your home, not the flies, bugs, geckos, and roaches. Keep them out by getting your broken or torn screen doors fixed by our trusty handymen.

Shower Head Repair

Hard water and calcium build up will clog your shower head. When the holes of your shower head is not shooting out water, they need to be cleaned, repair, or replaced. If water is coming out of your shower head where it’s not supposed to, contact us and we’ll have it fixed and have you showering in relaxed peace again.

Sink Repair

From your kitchen sink to the bathroom sink, if you have any leaks, cracks, or clogs, we’re one call away to take away your problem. We service any and all indoor or outdoor sinks. We even professionally install them too.

Steps/Stair Repairs

Keep your family and guests safe at your home by fixing your broken steps and stairs. Keep your home accessible by keep your steps up to par and leveled. Wood steps, concrete, metal, what have you, we are here to serve you!

Tile Repair

Cracked tile repair service, grout service, and tile installation are some of the things we can do. Whether if it’s flooring tile, bathroom tile, or kitchen backdrop tile you need repaired, we’re prepared to fix them for you.

Toilet Repair

Is your toilet leaking or running? Is the tank not filling properly causing weak flushes? Can it even flush? If you have any of these problems, Pacific Construction Builders is your solution. Contact us today for your toilet repair service needs.

Window Frame Repair

When the foundation of your windows are damaged, it’ll eventually lead to other window damaged and/or problems. The foundation of your window is the window frame. Get your damaged window frame repaired professionally with your Hawaii home repair service.

Window Repair

Jealousies not closing properly or getting hard to open or close? Window doors not lining up or shutting clearly? Small windows, large windows, low windows, high windows, we have short and tall handymen to do the job. Contact us today and we’ll be on the way!

Window Screen Repair

Keep what you want coming in, coming in and what you want to stay outside, stay out (cool breeze in, flies and bugs out that is). Get your broken, ripped, torn, and cut window screens repaired properly by us for long lasting comfort.