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Hawaii Installation Services

With us, Pacific Construction Builders Inc, not only do we professionally install household appliances, furniture, and everything else in between, but we also stay up-to-date with modern home technology installations.

So, from your traditional install needs to modernizing your home’s tech implementation like security cameras, home integration, automated lighting systems, etc., we are here to serve you! Even if you don’t know the lingo, we do. Call us is all you need to do. We’re future proof!

Here are some of our Hawaii installation services:

Baby Proofing Installations

Congratulations on your new baby! We know there’s a lot to prepare for leading up to that special day that it’s often that preparing your home for baby is often overlooked. From eliminating sharp corner hazards, falling hazards, to setting up baby barriers properly. Contact our Hawaii installation professionals to assess your home for baby-roofing services.

Security Camera Installations

From indoor baby monitoring to outdoor security cameras, get them installed properly so that you and your family’s safety is increased. Improper security camera installations can easily be tampered with if someone really wanted to trespass on your property. Be sure to get it installed right with us.

Home Integrations & Modern Home Technology Installations

Today’s home technology is vast, evolving fast, and and leaving people living in the past. Today you can control your home with your voice​​ with the various tech that you already use like Apple, Amazon, and Google products. All you need to do is install and/or upgrade a few components and you’ll be living in the “future”. Contact us today to learn more.

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Cabinet Installation

Save space by installing a new set of cabinets. Or, upgrade your cabinets to increase your home’s ambiance and increase it’s value. Get them installed right with a service satisfaction guarantee with our professional techs.

Countertop Installation & Repair

Bathroom, kitchen, or any other countertop installation, our professional team of installation technicians are here to serve you. Wood, granite, butcher block countertops, whichever option you choose you can count on us to install it properly.

Crown Molding Installation

Stylize your home with modern or an old-fashioned classic look with crown molding. Have them safely installed by having us, Pacific Construction Builders install them. We offer complete services with painting and all.

Door Installation

Wood, metal, screen, security doors, etc., we’ll take care of any and all your door installation needs. From complete doors to just the door knobs, locks, or slam-proofing, our experienced technicians will put them on for a smooth shut.

Toilet Installation

New toilet installations and replacements, our home installation technicians and specialized plumbers will ensure a proper install of your toilet(s). Any size, any style, traditional, to modern toilets with a bidet or heated seats, we are here to install them professionally.

Faucet & Shower Head Installation

Not only do we fix your leaks, we can install new faucets and shower heads for you. Whether it be universal fitting installs or custom, our plumber technicians are able to assist you.

Flooring Installation

Laminate, wood, tile, vinyl, concrete, etc. we can install them all. From small areas to complete home floor installs, whatever your dream flooring needs and desires are, our experienced carpenters are here to install them correctly.

Gutter Installation

Keep dry and control where the water flows and goes by installing gutters. Or, if your existing ones are clogged and not doing its job, call us and we’ll take care of them for you.

Stairs & Handrail Installation

We take care of providing safe and efficient home accessibility installation needs like stairs, handrails, and ramps. Need a new set of stairs built or a handrail to make it safe? Perhaps implementing anti-slip textures to your outdoor steps, we are your solution for them all just give us a call.

Lighting, Efficient Bulbs & Electrical Fixtures Installation

Traditional, modern, to new tech energy saving lighting, Pacific Construction Builders does it all. From hard-to-reach bulb replacements to new lighting installations, we are your human-efficient solution.

TV Mounting Installation

Get the most out of your high definition televisions by getting your TV mounted on your wall properly. It’s not just placing it on your wall. It’s protecting your purchase by having it installed right and not falling off. Ensure your TV is mounted and centered by us for the best viewing experience.

Basketball Hoop Installation & Assembly

Keep the children active and practicing their basketball shooting skills by installing a basketball hoop at home. Have them installed safe and properly to your desired measurements and parameters. Or, if you purchased a standalone basketball hoop, we can assemble and position it where ever you want.

Window Installation & Repair

New shutters, jealousies, sliding glass windows, window curtains, etc., have them professionally installed by our trained technicians. Windows not shutting smoothly? Or, are bugs coming into your home through torn window screens? We’ll repair them with our home service and maintenance technicians.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Richard Eli
Richard Eli
Construction Service Customer
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Pacific Construction Builders is a great company to work with. As investors, we've done several home remodels and renovations with them. I highly recommend PCB to anyone.
Liz Feliciano
Liz Feliciano
Home Repair Customer
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I had Pacific Construction Builders replace our cabinets after they got water damaged from a leaking sink pipe. They did an excellent job and I'll continue to rely on them for any of my home repair needs.
Sky Kamaka
Sky Kamaka
Home Repair Customer
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Very professional local company and awesome customer service. That's what many companies lack these days - service with Aloha!